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Posting a daily digest of tweets was a phenomenally terrible idea. They are spammy and I’m sure no one reads them the first time around, so why would they want to read them the second time? Stopping that functionality.

An Egyptian Spring and a Wisconsin Winter

This essay appears originally in We Are Wisconsin, a collected volume of writings about the Wisconsin protests in Winter 2011, edited by Erica Sangras.

The Cairo evening seeped with optimism and joy, with dancing punctuated by shouts of Egyptian pride, and people waving the red, white, and black flag with the eagle emblazoned in the center. I was nearly breathless when I reached the Qasr al-Nil bridge that led to Tahrir Square after running from my hotel wearing oversized khakis and uncomfortable shoes with no socks, equipped with only my two cell phones (American and Egyptian), which I had assembled hastily minutes after Egypt’s vice president had announced that President Hosni Mubarak had stepped down and subsequently bolted out the door.
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CTUWS: The Official Federation ETUF To Be Dissolved

The CTUWS puts out a statement on the dissolution of the ETUF. This is an incredible win for Egyptian workers. The ETUF is a yellow union with Mubarak’s NDP cronies at all levels of leadership. This drives one more nail in the coffin of the structures of the Mubarak regime that impeded the progress of Egyptian labor.

The Official Federation ETUF To Be Dissolved

Egypt, CTUWS, 4 August 2011: In a step that is considered as a great triumph to Egypt’s Revolution, the Cabinet approved the dissolving of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation, ETUF. The decision has been taken after the document, the Manpower Minister has represented, which is concerning the rulings of the invalidity of the trade union elections for the term of 2006 – 2011. These rulings were unimplemented in the time of the former regime.

The Cabinet asked the Manpower Minister to implement these rulings, and to follow the consequences of dissolving ETUF’s board, and to form a temporary committee for managing the federation till elections to be held under judicial supervision.

Fridays in Tahrir Square

Originally published in The News International, August 3, 2011:

Since the beginning of the Egyptian Revolution, Fridays in Cairo’s Tahrir Square have gone by a number of names, some short and to the point, like the infamous “Friday of Rage”, but many overwrought and the result of endless political wrangling.

The Friday of “popular will and a united front” was redolent of the latter. The convoluted name of the march was the product of a hastily-brokered deal between Islamists and liberals, after plans for a mass Islamist day of action emerged, organised by Islamist political groups – most notably, the Muslim Brotherhood. The agreed-upon demands were of the least-common-denominator ilk, including faster retribution for the families of the revolution’s martyrs, trials for police officers accused of committing those murders, and no military trials for civilians.

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CTUWS Calls for Independent Unions and Dissolution of ETUF

Just got this message in my email from the Center for Trade Unions and Workers Services (CTUWS) in Egypt. They are calling for the Cabinet to disband the ETUF, the government-run trade union federation under Mubarak and call for the recognition of independent unions, which have been growing stronger since the revolution.

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