Why We Support Kathleen Falk for Governor, and Why Wisconsin’s Left Should Too

Originally posted on Defend Wisconsin on March 20, 2012.

By Alex Hanna and Mike Amato

Ever since February 11, 2011, all eyes have been on Wisconsin as ground zero in the battle ground of the working class versus monied interests and their populist tea party manifestations. The culmination of this, along with the mass of popular support for public employees and galvanization of labor, is the recall of  Governor Scott Walker. The Wall Street Journal has called the recall the “most important non-presidential election of the decade.” With over a million signatures gathered and the participation of thousands of Wisconsinites in the process, it’s easy to see why. With the primary set for May 5, we need to rally around a candidate that will take on Walker and stand for our values in the state house.

That candidate is Kathleen Falk.

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An Egyptian Spring and a Wisconsin Winter

This essay appears originally in We Are Wisconsin, a collected volume of writings about the Wisconsin protests in Winter 2011, edited by Erica Sangras.

The Cairo evening seeped with optimism and joy, with dancing punctuated by shouts of Egyptian pride, and people waving the red, white, and black flag with the eagle emblazoned in the center. I was nearly breathless when I reached the Qasr al-Nil bridge that led to Tahrir Square after running from my hotel wearing oversized khakis and uncomfortable shoes with no socks, equipped with only my two cell phones (American and Egyptian), which I had assembled hastily minutes after Egypt’s vice president had announced that President Hosni Mubarak had stepped down and subsequently bolted out the door.
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