Google+ Whine

I honestly feel like Google Plus is very gimmicky. I think FB and Twitter were successful because they occupied a niche and their usage developed over time, as driven by how users chose to use them. @replies, retweets, #hashtags, link shortening, ccing, follow Friday — these were all user initiatives.

It’s a matter of giving people a certain constraint and people getting very creative within these constraints. People really weren’t sure how to use Twitter when it came out but it’s certainly come of age.

I think comparing follower counts between Twitter and Google+  is a really silly way to judge the success of a social media platform.  Every jerk-off “social media guru” has said how their Google+ follow count far outpaced their Twitter account.  But what do I see on Google+ now? I see people mostly complaining about Google+ or posting articles about it.  What do I see on my Facebook? I see political activism, events for political action. On Twitter? Egyptians talking to each other, coordinating political action, sharing links. Google+ will eventually mature (or die), but thus far they are telling users what they should use the platform for, which doesn’t work.

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